HIFU Non-Surgical Lift

HIFU Non-Surgical Lift Wimbledon London

HIFU stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound.

And is a non-surgical facelift founded on the premise that ultrasound energy directed into the face will prompt increased collagen production, thus tightening the skin, lifting jowls, and improving the general complexion. Unlike a surgical approach, the HIFU facelift can be administered without piercing the skin’s surface, and is, therefore, a great, non-invasive approach for anyone adverse to injectables, or ‘going under the knife’.

Who is the ideal HIFU candidate?

People tend to start looking into facelifts in their mid to late-forties, which is around the time that crow’s feet, deep wrinkles and loss of volume can begin to present themselves in the face. This is the perfect treatment for people living busy lives, as the procedure is typically completed within the hour, and clients can return to work the very same day.

Why choose HIFU treatment?

Unlike its surgical counterpart, the HIFU facelift requires little downtime and no painful removing of sutures. Results may be visible within a few weeks, but they’ll continue to improve until around the three-month mark, whereby you should notice a marked difference in your appearance. In addition to little discomfort and the convenience of the procedure, the price is also relatively small, and the entire face can be treated for a quarter of the cost of surgery.

*individual results may vary.

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