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Growth Factor Induced Therapies (GFIT) by AQ Skin Solutions focuses on scientific and natural approach to skin care with patented growth factor technology. AQ Skin Solutions GF Technology was originally discovered through wound healing and cell regeneration therapy in 3rd degree burn victims.

  • Patented Human growth Factor Technology has clinically proven to unleash the potential of reversing the cell ageing process and boost the body’s natural repair process regarding skin, hair follicles and vaginal walls.
  • AQ Skin Solutions products trigger the body’s own response to building collagen and the extra-cellular matrix.
  • AQ GFIT Triggers skin rejuvenation through the induction of active peptides, growth factors, and proteins into the skin. These proteins create a response to reduce the appearance of ageing and result in skin that looks younger, and is more resilient. It is utilised by both men & women, to promote health skin and potentially reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, photo damage, scars and acne.

AQ Recovery Serum with Micro-needling or Laser Treatment

AQ GFIT incorporates the use of AQ recovery serum with micro needling or laser to allow the topically applied serum to enter into the skin by creating hundreds of temporary microscopic channels within the target areas that result in the delivery of the peptides and proteins into the dermis of the skin.

  • Benefits: No downtime, very little discomfort, minimal preparation and restrictions, suitable for most skin types.

AQ Advanced Hair Complex with Micro-needling

AQ Advanced hair complex is a new approach to tackling the problem of hair loss by treating the condition of the scalp. It is utilised b y both men and women to promote a healthy scalp that fosters healthy hair growth. AQ advanced hair complex incorporates the use of several human-deprived growth factors that are applied topically and allowed to penetrate deep within the hair follicles through the use of micro-needling. Micro-needling creates hundreds of temporary microscopic channels within the target areas that allow for the growth factors to be delivered deeper into the scalp. This procedure is not designed for alopecia but addresses the loss of hair due to permanent wave, extensions, stress, hormones, lifestyle and chemical services such as bleaching, colouring etc.

  • Benefits: No downtime, very little discomfort, no residue left in hair.

AQ Vaginal Rejuvenation System with Laser Treatment

AQ Vaginal rejuvenation system (VRS) is a growth factor serum that aims to restore natural vaginal functions by soothing dryness and irritation, improving vaginal wall elasticity, and tightening the vaginal walls. VRS Is used in conjunction with our EXILIS Ultra Femme Laser to provide maximum benefits.

  • Benefits: No downtime, very little discomfort.

Who is the ideal GFIT Treatment candidate?

The skin’s collagen production naturally begins to decline as people reach their mid-twenties, so this would be an ideal time to begin GFIT Treatments. Anyone who has skin concerns can benefit from GFIT Treatments, producing amazing results.

Why choose GFIT treatment?

Growth Factors are found already within the skin, therefore it is the most natural treatment, as no unknown ingredients are being absorbed into the skin, it also stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms. The more treatments are undertaken the better, It is combined with any treatment, and recognised worldwide as the most potent & natural human growth factor treatment. Treatments can be performed within a half-hour appointment slot, and aside from a residue redness, there are no other indications that an intervention has been performed.

*individual results may vary.

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